Intentional Moves

First Level: Intentional Moves

This series called “INTENTIONAL MOVES: Lessons for Purposeful Discipleship” aims to help people like you to develop a strong commitment to the Lord Jesus and to His cause. Drawing from the teachings and insights of the Bible, this four-part series presents practical truths that address four very important stages of discipleship: Know Christ, Grow in Christ, Serve Christ and Share Christ.


Intentional Moves is perfectly designed for:

  • One-On-One
  • Small Group
  • Cell Group
  • Bible Study
  • Sunday School
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Know Christ
Basic understanding of the need for salvation and how it is met in Jesus Christ.
Grow in Christ
This highlights the necessary disciplines that one has to embrace in order to grow spiritually.
Serve Christ
Focus on leading Christians to discover his spiritual gifts and seek ways to serve Christ.
Share Christ
Challenges Christians to develop a lifestyle of evangelism.

This book can help your church be mobilized for church planting and missions!

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Download Manual

Available Soon

Intentional Moves Manual

  • Discipleship Framework / Philosophy
  • Implementation

Multiplying Disciples: Level 2 of Intentional Moves Series

“Multiplying Disciples” will help the modern-day believers glean from the timeless principles of the Bible and apply them to their specific life situations. This series of 12 books is ideal for small group discipleship as it recognizes every Christian’s need for healthy, strong and biblical community. Each of the 12 books contains lessons on important life issues that affect one’s multiplying of self to another disciple of Christ. (Available Soon)

Leadership Training– Home Education for Leaders and Pastors (HELP): Level 3 of the Intentional Moves Series

Study and prepare for ministry at the comfort of your own home. Also get regular inputs from experienced ministers.


Publishing Notes

August 13, 2009

Please note the erratum on the first prints of Intentional Moves - Know Christ (Lesson 3, page 20).

He is the only Savior
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12
Because Jesus is sufficient, God did NOT provide other “saviors” but made Him to be the only savior for all mankind.

However, recent prints have been corrected as:

“Because Jesus is sufficient, God made Him to be the only Savior for all mankind.”

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